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Monday, September 24, 2012

TVBA Jadeworld Carnival Press Conference2012

Earlier in the week, I got a call from TVBA informing me that I was one of the lucky winners of the TVBA online voting poll, so was invited to attend the TVBA Jadeworld Carnival Press Conference at Market City held today!As a big fan of Shirley Yeoung, i was very excited.

It was held at the Eight Chinese Modern Restaurant and Kenny Wong and Shirley Yeung were going to be there! I haven’t been to a TVB conference before and I didn’t really know anyone there so I wasn’t sure what to expect haha…

When I arrived, I went to sit at my allocated seat which was pretty much at the back, with the other lucky winners. They were mostly older mums, happily chatting away with each other about their favourite TVB series- how cute!  I guess because it was a private function, there weren’t that many people there. A lot were old too, so they were nowhere as keen as I was to approach the artistes- SCORE!

Soon, the guests arrived and the conference commenced….I immediately moved to stand at the front with the bunch of other photographers haha. The guests each made a little speech- Shirley was talking about the TV programmes she has been hosting in the past years; and Kenny made mentions of liking to take photos while on trips and promoted a bit on his new series “The Last Steep Ascent”. As usual, I was waving at them enthusiastically and Shirley waved back haha. Kenny acknowledged with a smile.

The lucky winners were then asked to come on stage as they presented the sponsor gifts! 10 people were presented with Holden company umbrellas. I was one of them!! We also received some cutlery, and a TVB calculator in our TVB show bags. We were then asked to stand behind the artistes for a group photo.

At the end of the conference, the guests were coming off the stage to get seated for lunch. This was when I went on stage to ask Shirley for a photo!! She’s so pretty!! (and so skinny!) She said “Sure! Oh let’s move over a bit, the lighting is not as good here” haha! The artists surely know where they look best on camera!

Fore the detail of the  actual Jadeworld Carnival, please keep an eye on Channel【e】, as wet will udated the live show on Friday.

video: credited to my friend Kerry @