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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Time for Gangnam Style

There is a MV that has 200,000,000 viewers in 2 weeks (now it has been viewed for over 300,000,000 times) and different versions are made by people from different countries. It is Gangnam Style by PSY from South Korea. On September 20, 2012, this video became the most liked video.
Let’s have a look at the video first.
Actually, not everyone likes this video, but we need to ask why it is so prevalent. First of all, we should know the background of the song. Gangnam is a district in Seoul which is similar to Beverly Hills in California. We can find many elements that belong to “higher” or “rich” classes, for example, horses, luxury cars and boats. That is the music video reflects the real world facts.
Ok, it is enough for the background; let’s talk about the most interesting part of the video which is the dance steps. The famous steps would be the steps like riding a horse. I should say it is easy to learn and it looks funny. That should be the reason why more and more people imitated the steps. I am not the musician so i could not judge the quality of the song, but I would say the melody would be easy to remember.
Now, let’s have a look at some more "Gangnam Style" videos.
Obama style
Gangnam Style for wedding

If you want more videos, just search "Gangnam Style" in YouTube. And I wish to hear your opinion about this video.

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