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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jade World Carnival 2012

The most anticipated annual event in the Chinese community, the Jade World Carnival 2012 (Organised by TVBA and Kogarah City Council) was held on Saturday, 22nd September. Many local vendors were honoured to be a part of this great event. The overwhelming response was encouraging, as Jade World Carnival was the first public event that the local promoters have ever participated.

The once a year event is always attended by famous Chinese drama series actor or actresses all the way from Hong Kong to have a little chat, sing a few songs and also to play some famous TVB games with the audiences. For this year, Kenny Wong & Shirley Yeuong were down here in Kogarah, Sydney.

 Many local vendor participated in this carnival to promote their productes or services.

The host and lucky Mascot of tvb - tvbuddy

There is an isolated stage for TVBA stars and other performer to show up their talent and giving out fabulous gifts for the audience who participated. To be eligible to enter the stage, you must be the TVBA VIP members. I was so lucky to enter the VIP area without being the VIP member of TVBA. Why? Simply because I knew the manager of Shirley and she allows me to enter, how nice she was.
The weather was nice, the performances were amazing. My idol Shirley looks as pretty as usual, her voice as sweet as how she looks like. When she came to the stage, the audience called her name in Cantonese loudly and excited. Can you believe it this is her 5th time to visit Sydney as TVBA special guest. I bet she must be so popular. I was again lucky enough to take a photo with her. I really hope I will meet her again. 

 audiences were so happy to see Shriley on the stage

 Shirley took a photo with tvbuddy

 Shirley gave out the tvba gift to audiences.

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