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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wii U

Australia would have the first eighth generation game consoles in November 20. Due to the success of Wii, fans expect huge improvements for the successor. Today, we are going to introduce the features in Wii U.

First of all, Wii U has a different design with Wii. The new design could be seen as the combination of home consoles and handheld consoles. That is the first time that a home consoles features a touchscreen. The purpose of that would be using the consoles alone without TVs.

For the hardware, Wii U would have an IBM POWER7-based multi-core processor, an AMD Radeon enhanced E6760+ GPGPU, a 2GB RAM and a 8GB storage for basic edition (32GB for deluxe edition).
Actually, we should look at the performance in the official trailer video from E3 2011.

If you are thinking about purchasing a console for your family, Wii U would be a good choice. You could get black premium pack for $428 and white basic pack for $348. Also, new games include Super Mario Bros. U and FIFA 13 would be available on November 30. We hope this post would give you some ideas about Wii U.

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