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Friday, September 14, 2012

Our future blog

Our Future Blog The following is the ideal design of our ISYS100 blog. Our topic is "entertainment cycle", in the following few weeks, we will be posting anything that is related to entertain yourself. Our blog is called Channel 【e】 with the slogan “All in One Entertainment Spot” .

 The [e] is stand for entertainment, therefore we will be posting to the following  big areas
 • One day Sydney Trip
 • Pets
 • Social life
 • Movie and Music.

 the following design is evaluated in 4 big areas, namely,
1. Templates - Awesome Inc. 2. Background - image 3. Adjust widths 4. Layout.

The topic of our blog is entertainment. The reason for us to choose this topic is because all age group of people need to relax and enjoy a moment to entertain themselves outside of their daily work or study environments. So we decided to contain various aspects of the entertainment information that targeted all age group of viewers. Our blog slogan is “All in One Entertainment Spot” which contains broad entertainment topics within seventeen posts on total. In order to achieve our slogan, we hope our blog could be operate in a more comprehensive and more attractive ways by segregate our posts in various categories, namely tourism, pets, music and movies and local events.

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